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Business Valuations

If you own a business, or are thinking of buying a business, you need to know what it is worth. Using a “ballpark” figure guess is not the best business strategy, as there is normally a difference between what a business owner thinks a business is worth and what a business is actually worth. Having an accurate valuation of potentially your largest asset is an essential part of any successful business plan.

Much like tax planning, this is an area where a little bit of money spent up front could help you save much in the future. Let us absorb some of the stress and give you peace of mind in knowing you are not paying too much for a startup or are considering a fair offer for your business. Working closely with you, we will provide you with the fair market value as well as help you with business planning.

Benefits of valuation services:
  • Succession planning or exit strategy – Establishing a baseline value for your business before you are ready to retire enables you to strategically build your business value to ensure you receive top dollar upon exiting.
  • Purchase or sale of closely held business – be sure you are paying a fair price for your new business or make certain you are getting the best offer when selling your business.
  • Shareholder or partner disputes is not something you want to think about, but if the unfortunate situation happens, having a value established before the disputes escalate can save tremendous headaches and potentially your business relationship.
  • Estate and gift tax planning – leaving a legacy is on the minds of many business owners. Having your business properly valued for estate or tax purposes can ensure that the legacy left behind is not undervalued or overtaxed.
  • Bank Financing – having an objective business valuation can allow you to negotiate the appropriate financing with lenders.

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